Thursday, February 4, 2010

PostSecret again!

Last Sunday, another one of my secrets was posted at PostSecret. Wow! I sent the card off sometime summer 2008! Frank Warren gets around 1000 postcards with secrets every week, so I´m surprised he posted it now.
This is already the third secret which has appeared on PostSecret. I should send off some new ones. :) (Check out one of my past secrets too.)

So, are you ready to guess which one it is?
-----Email Message-----
I got misty-eyed after reading that. I always thought the people in the costumes didn't care about the kids. Thank you for proving me wrong and helping me realize that my childhood Disneyland experiences were not only special for me, but the people I met that day too.
-----Email Message-----
I am spending all of my savings to take my little boy to Disney World. I was looking into buying a really great camera to record every moment, but your postcard made me decide to forget about a camera and enjoy every moment instead. THANK YOU!!!!
-----Email Message-----
I can always tell when my granddaughter comes to my house and is high on cocaine. It always breaks my heart to see her like that.
-----Email Message-----
This secret was so comforting. Getting raped has made me obsessed with porn. Phew, it's not just me!
-----Email Message-----
I was once dared to lift up a guy's kilt at a bar. I did it. It was liberating! (You have to do it yourself to see what's underneath!)
-----Email Message-----
I'm searching for the love that will make it ok for me to remember.
-----Email Message-----
I thought I was just nuts because I have forgotten almost everything from my childhood. I now realize that it's my love that makes me forget.


Blog Queen said...

Did you know that the idea of this secrets collection has finally made it into a CSI: NY episode? I think it was one of the best ones to date, and it really breaks your heart.

ksklein said...

I didn´t know that, as I do not watch the series.
It happens verf often, that PostSecret shows secrets which break your heart.