Sunday, March 29, 2009

Museum Lichtspiele (Movie Craze)

Museum Lichtspiele (Movie Craze)

Museum Lichtspiele (Movie Craze)

Museum-Lichtspiele: (Lilienstraße 2, München, Tel.: 089/482 403)

March 29: Das Hunde Hotel (Hotel for Dogs)
June 21: Desperaux (The Tale of Desperaux)

(Movie Craze & This Diary Will Change Your Life 2009)

The movie theater was built 1910 when a vaudeville theater underwent reconstruction in a house built 1896. Specially the screen shown above is famous for showing the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" every Saturday the past 30 years.


Occam`s razor said...

oh my god is this really a theater?! this is the most beautiful movie theater I`ve seen....

ksklein said...

The theater is very beautiful indeed and has 68 seats. I wish I had taken my digital camera along. At least I had my mobile phone with me.
Anyway I updates the post with a picture from the theaters website, where you can have a better look.

Kat83709 said...

Oh wow. If I ever go to Germany, I'll be sure to find that theater. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is... the epitome of amazing. Go Germany! haha