Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Japaneses Farts

I saw this picture by Yoko Furusho on FFFound and couldn´t get it off my mind. When I showed it to Benjamin he laughed and said, that it could be one of my drawings.
Then later today (while showing the pic to my sister) the mailman delivered a big envelope from Joyce Huang, Taiwan. Inside it where two gorgeous notebooks with prints of japanese wood cuts and a key chain with a tiny lucky cat. What a wonderful surprise.
If you haven´t seen her art before, you definitely should check out her flickr stream and blog! She´s 17 years old and just recently she had one of her first shows. I am a fan of her comic style drawings and collages, but what really wows the people are her photo realistic pencil drawings.

I´m glad that we are together in a moly_x group. Joyce, you made my day! Thanks so much.

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Occam`s razor said...

I`m glad you like 'em Kerstin!!
they are the return of your christmas card:D, I sould have sent'em earlier ;)

and.. actually you don`t need to feature my works, that`s so sweet(*blush*)