Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Book Cover Illustration

Just by chance I saw one of my drawings on a book cover at amazon. It always makes me happy to see me stuff being used. I think now I should finally take money for my art. :) I do hope that they don´t forget to send me a copy of "Another Gulmohar tree" for letting them use my drawing.
You can read part of the fiction here and pre-order it at amazon or target.
The Gulmohar tree is just beautiful. I love the flaming looks and the scent of the flowers.


Mim said...

Oh - I remember this - how nice to see it.

Take the money!

steve said...

Wow, way to go Kerstin! This cover is beautifully done. Well deserved recognition here.

Duncan Long said...

It is always such a thrill to stumble upon a cover you've helped create. Here's hoping that you have this experience, many, many more times.

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