Sunday, January 4, 2009

This Diary Will Change Your Life

2008 I bought a copy of the book "This Diary Will Change Your Life 2009" by Benrik. To promote this book the designer duo Ben Carey and Henrick Delehag literally stuck a guy onto a billboard in London. Watch the video below:

'Guaranteed to make you smile' - "The Times".

'Playing along with this book might not make your life any better - but it sure as hell will make it more interesting' - "News of the World".

Another one of their extreme self-help books is Lose Weight! Get Laid! Find God!": All-in-one Life Planner. I like the title!


Mim said...

made me smile! Happy New Year!!!

steve said...

The first book looks very interesting - will have to check it out!

Lara said...

hehe. this has inspired me to unearth my underused copy of "this book will change your life" :)

Anonymous said...

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