Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gifts and Presents

2008 ended wonderfully. I had a lot of fun with the Advent game and enjoyed the gifts and cards I received too.
Thanks to Dawn (card), Steffi (card and a wonderful bracelet - where did I put it for the picture??), Steve (for his little booklet), Sterntau (postcard) and David (I received his little comic, which I will be posting about later).
Even better: This year I received Chanukah gifts from Benjamin. Usually I´m in charge of taking care of the gifts for the family, but this year I was lucky. I received loads of great gifts from him. What a great, great surprise. Thanks!

I received The lugubrious Library by Edward Gorey,

Conversations with Picasso
by Brassai,

Schande by J. M. Coetzee,

Craft Inc.: Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Busines by Meg Mateo Ilasco,

365 Days: A Diary by Julie Doucet,

Promod Long Leather Gloves,

and a voucher for a movie theater and more RAM for my MacBook Pro. What really touched me (or should I say "moved me to tears") is the book
"Conversations with Picasso" by Brassai. I´ve been wanting this out-of-print book for almost 10 years, but it hadn´t been affordable (around $400 used) for me. I almost forgot about it, until I received it a few days ago. Thanks, babe! This made a wonderful start into the year 2009. :)

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