Sunday, May 4, 2008

Secrets Sent Off!

The two postcards shown here are not mine, but today I sent off 9 secrets to PostSecret. It´s my favorite blog and I wait for the new post eagerly every Sunday. I´m curious whether any of my secrets are interesting enough to be posted at PostSecret. I know that Frank Warren gets around 1000 secrets every week and he posts 20 of them every Sunday. So chances are pretty small that one of mine will be posted. We´ll see!


steve said...

Cool! I think the guy lives not to far from me too. What a fantastic idea. I just picked up the book for the "1,000 Journals Project" by "Someguy", which is something similar to the post secrets thing--very engaging stuff well worth checking out!

caseytoussaint said...

This really does look like fun! Why is there so little time in a day?

ksklein said...

@Steve: The idea is fantastic indeed. I have been folowing the blog for more than a year now and it is still great. And I´ve got all of his books. So would you recommend the book? i have been thinking of ordering it. I have a 2 new journals started at 1001 journals too. The project evolved out of the 1000 journals project.

@Casey: There is definitely too little time everyday. And all this artsy stuff I can only do at night. So sometimes I go to bed at 4:30 to wake up at 6:30. Definitely not healthy, but I just need a bit time for art; it keeps me happy.
Anyway, I always have time for postsecret: best blog ever, only 1 poste evry week and always interesting! :)