Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Book Cover Design

Monday night (actually at 5:30 am in the morning) I completed my first commissioned work since having the kids. (And that is a long time after 5.5 years.) I was asked to draw a cover for a book called "Krötenkarneval" by Markus A. Hediger. He is a Swiss author who emigrated to Brazil with his family a few months ago. Unfortunately the book is not available in English (yet?). The stories are fantastic and lovely to read. It will be available from Juli 1, 2008 at Edition Neue Moderne.
I enjoyed doing the cover and it made me happy and proud that the two publishers and the author of the book are as content with it as me. Anybody else needs a cover to a book? ;)


Occam`s razor said...

I really love this drawing, so cool.
you know these beautiful cover designs always allure me to buy a new book :)

ksklein said...

thanks. that´s the best compliment i can get for the drawing.
i know what you are talking about. i´ve got hundreds of books which i haven´t read yet, but i still keep buying them. though i avoid bookstores currently to first read the books i have

littlemithi said...


arindamart said...

great work, nice.
so, you have started the long journey of an illustrator. go on.

what abt the portparty, i have mailed u mine.


Prozacville said...

That's fantastic. And what a buzz it must be to have one's work on the cover of a book.

ksklein said...

Yeah it is lovely. And today I first had the chance to see the book in real. And it is great.

Arindam. I´m taking your pic along to Fuerteventura and hope to find the time there for your portrait.