Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lisa´s Moleskine Of Selfportraits

Lisa´s Moly_x_20
Finally I´m done with Lisa´s Moleskine.
I always have difficulties with (self) portraits showing teeth, and additionally I don´t know how to use pencils for drawing (except for outlines). And the biggest difficulty: Lisa had left out the first set of pages by mistake (She drew the angel with the fantastic wings). I filled them up, but I can tell you it was really hard for me to fill the page with the borders of the next artwork on the right side. It is much easier when the border is on the left side and you just continue drawing it. I was very unhappy with it, but now I added some paint, some glitter and paper and now it is okay and can be sent off to the next artist.


arindamart said...

great project and excgange and work.
(if u dont mind my help)for teeth
just draw the bottom outline of the teeth and use lightest and softest vertical line for tooth dividers. try this.
what abt portparty? i have mailed u my work and photo.

Kapinskis Schelling 48 said...

das ein schönes moleskine

ksklein said...

thanks for the help arindamart. i´ll try that as soon as possible.
i´ll try to get your portrait done as soon as possible.