Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Illustration Contest

My husband is a copublisher of a German literature magazine called „spa_tien". The print & online magazine appears twice yearly.
The publishers are currently preparing a paperback book under the working title "was sind literarische weblogs?" ("what are literary weblogs?"). The book is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2008 and will be available via bookstores in Germany and Switzerland as well as internationally via amazon.

The book will be an anthology of essays and weblog posts contributed by German writing authors – published and unpublished – who are running literary weblogs in the German writing blogosphere. The authors will contribute two texts each. The first text will be about their passion for publishing and writing a literary blog. From their own weblogs the authors choose a favorite (already published) text for the second part.

For this project the publishers are currently looking for illustration ideas and an artist to realize them. A series of about 7 to 9 images should illustrate motives about literature, text, weblogs, writing processes, etc. A contest will be arranged at my blog, to find the illustrator for this book.

  • The participants should send in 2 images to show the character of the series. These two images will be rated and the winner will do the whole series of 7 – 9 pics. The illustrations, graphics, sketches, etc. have to be black & white or in grey scales with a size of approx. 350 x 175 px (Width/Lenght).
  • Deadline: July 31, 2007
  • Please send the images to this address !
Reward for the winner:
  • His/her work will be published in a book (with a short biography and link to his/her webpage)
  • A copy of the published book
  • Extreme gratefulness from the publishers and the contributing authors as well
  • Fame? ;)
Everybody can join the contest – pros and amateurs. It may be specially interesting for amateurs or illustrators who are just beginning their career.
Once every week I´ll post about 5 random entries with a link to the artists blogs. Further all entries with a link to participant´s website/blog will be shown here on flickr!

Have fun and be creative!

Publishers of spa_tien:
Hartmut Abendschein
Markus A. Hediger
Benjamin Stein


Thanks to all of you, for your suggestions where I could post about the contest and for linking to this page:
Tommy Kane
Teesha Moore
Justin Monson
Suzanne Buchanan
Karen Winters
Christine Castro Hughes
Rama Hughes
Penelope Dullaghan


Ro said...

How cool that you are hosting this contest! I have a few illustrations on my blog but I'm mostly consider myself a cartoonist. Though I do graphic design for a living.

Maybe I will enter if I have some free time.

Good luck with this. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Kerstin Klein said...

Hi Ro, I´m sure you´ll find some time during the next two months. 2 images in 2 months is not too bad. ;)
ACtually the goal is to find different styles and to check ou, what will be good for this book. So I would like to encourage you to join the contest.

dibujandoarte said...

Hi! This sounds great!! I'll try to prepare something to send, I'd like to participate. Best wishes from Buenos Aires.

Ali J said...

HI! I'm sorry you have had a little bit of negative reaction about this contest. It does sound like a great idea, and would be ideal for anyone who wants to be published without requiring payment. There are a lot of etsy artists who would be interested!

As much as I am interested, the outline of the requirements does not suit my style, so sadly I won't be entering this one. I wish you luck though! xox

Renmeleon said...

Wonderful idea, currently playing with ideas. The link to Flickr says that it is private and I cannot access it so I am assuming you have not made it public yet or Flickr is hicupping...? Thank you for posting this. Saw it on EDM.

Ria :)

Kerstin Klein said...

you know? you made my day! you are my official (at least i hope so) first candidate. thanks and a big hug to you. :)

@Ali J: do you think i can post somewhere at etsy about this? or do i have to be a member of that site? thanks for commenting.

@Ana Maria: it would be great if you join the contest. so far the flickr set only shows the logo oof the magazine. later it will show all the entries. so if you are the first one to send something in, your entry will be the first to show up. ;)

@everybody: thanks for all the comments. up to now i was thinking that i wouldn´t be of any help to the magazine. ;)

Alyson B. Stanfield said...

It's been posted on my blog, Kerstin. Sorry for the delay. Here's the link:

Illustration Contest

Kerstin Klein said...

Thanks so much, Alyson!

John said...

"Hi, I'm a professional artist. I'm looking for starving electricians, plumbers and lawyers. I can't really pay you very much. Looking for real "eager beavers". This could be a great piece of work for your portfolio! Must be able to do quality work. I'm sure to get a lot to responses so I'll be trying out a few of you to see how you work out before I can choose the ideal candidate. If this works out, there will be plenty of work for you in the future, and lots of exposure.
I can pay little if anything. I don't have very much money. Possibly no pay whatsoever."

Does this sound ridiculous to you? Then why do you expect illustrators to work in the same conditions?

I can tell that you have only good intention in mind, but you need to understand that YOU ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE. plain and simple.

K said...

HI Kerstin, I'm happy to enter your contest and will be emailing some drawings momentarily!

Jason Barnes said...

I gotta agree with John on this one. It's a bit strange not to pay someone (especially an artist) for work that they obviously will put some serious thought and time in to create.

Kerstin Klein said...

@all: Check out the new blog for more information about the contest.