Sunday, October 25, 2009

Artist Of The Month

Steve Loya is an art teacher and artist living in Northern Virginia, USA. We were both members of the moly_x_19 exchange group. Check out his blogs "Go flying turtle" and "Steve Loya Art" to find his colorful and diverse work.
I enjoyed the Moleskine exchange with him. I used to continue his drawings and that was pretty easy as I like and enjoyed his style and his choice of colors. So I felt honored when he asked me whether I wanted to be the featured "artist of the month" at his blog. You can check out the Q&A here.

Here are some of the molys, where I continued the art after him. The last 3 pages are mine, the 3 before are Steve´s:
Joy Eliz´ Moly 19 (1)
Steve´s Moly - moly_x_19
Joy Eliz´ Moly 19 (2)

My favorite one is this the one shown below. You almost cannot see, where his art stops and mine begins.
Steve´s Moly 19

Thanks Steve, I really enjoyed answering your questions.

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Mim said...

Steve is an awesome artist...but so are you! I'll go check out his blog, haven't visited there in awhile anyway