Monday, October 26, 2009

Dark VS. Light

A friend of mine recently told me that my art was too "dark" and that there was always some hidden undertone to it. I understand why she said that, but I do not see this in all of my drawings.
As I´m trying to slowly find a job (at least a side job) where I can also be creative and hopefully do some drawings and illustrations, I would like to know whether you prefer the "dark" and moody pictures or the other lighter and more colorful ones. Take the poll on the right side of the navigation bar. Thanks!
Toad with Jesus heart
Sonja Steve´s Moly - moly_x_19 (2)

Tribute to Gorey Moly_X_6 (2)
Tribute to Gorey Moly_X_6 (2)
Tribute to Gorey Moly_X_6 (1)
goana / monitor lizard / varanus komodoensis (colored)
IFN: Inspired By (biteyourowntail)
Steve´s Moly 19
My contribution in Pedro´s Moly_x_24
1 Left Page
EDM #116 - Something Green (IF: Remember) Iguana
Weepin Willow
IFN: A Book I'll Always Remember (The Hucho Hucho Girl)
Yin Yang
Steve´s Moly - moly_x_19
Nemo Amsterdam
Portrait of Aaliyah
Geisha In My Dreams
IF: Open (your heart and let it out!)
Vampire Princess


buechertiger said...

I just discovered your blog and therefore will hold my clicks and won't vote. All I can say is that I like what I have seen so far! I planned to name my favorite from this post, but can't quite decide which one it might be.
Candidates would be: The ostrich picture, the kimono lady, the lizards and insects are pretty amazing, too, and the willow is great, and ...

Momo Luna said...

Hi there, i also just find your blog and i like what i see. A lot! I think not all of your work is dark, but honestly i like art/work with a dark touch in it.

Sweet greetz from Holland....

ksklein said...

Thanks buechertiger and Momo Luna. :)

martina said...

your work is outstanding...much love xxx