Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big News!!!! Publishing House Edition Neue Moderne

Remember the cover illustration I did some weeks ago?
On June 11, 2008 my husband took over the publishing house EDITION NEUE MODERNE, which was supposed to publish the book.
Now the appearance of the first published books have been changed and the quality of them as well. The book parcels have already arrived and I just can´t wait to see and hold the books in real. I´m very excited about this new development and can´t wait to get more news from the publisher.

Until then can have a look at the press proof of the third book:
The second link shows the book with the toad-cover done by me.


Mim said...

So this is a good thing right? Did Benjamin write that book? or just publish it?
I tried translating the German to English and it was a confusing translation but I got the overall feeling of the book outline.
Anyway - I think its great that your illustration is on the cover

ksklein said...

Here´s an update:

Benjamin Stein: Ein anderes Blau
Markus A. Hediger: Krötenkarneval
Michael Perkampus: Die Geschichte des Uhrenträgers

Yes, he did write one of these books by himself. Hope you are doing well, Mim.

ksklein said...

Thanks. I love the cover myself and was glad that everybody loved it - the former publisher and the author. Maybe one day the books will be available in English. :)