Friday, June 6, 2008

Back and forth Fuerteventura

On our way back home we had a problem with our aircraft. So we got stuck one night in Madrid without luggage. We had a free night at a hotel but were starving as we hadn´t had any food for almost 20 hours. (It was late when we arrived in Madrid, so we couldn´t go to the great kosher restaurant they have there.)
When we arrived back in Munich the next day at lunch time: starving, unwashed and -unbrushed, tired, old clothing, etc. we didn´t go home immediately. From the tram we called the only kosher café in the city and ordered pizzas which were served soon after we arrived.

Back here for two days and Benjamin and I feel tired all ready. Where did the relaxation of the past 11 days disappear to?

That´s not acceptable we decided, so we booked the same hotel and flight again and in less then 3 weeks we´ll be back in Fuerteventura. :) Benjamin for 10 days and me and the kids for 14 days.
The next two weeks are full of stuff I need to get done. So I´ll post the drawings and more photos of Fuerteventura when I´m back from the next vacation.


Joy Eliz said...

Oh Wow!! How Beautiful!!!

Mim said...

How wonderful! Good for you!