Monday, April 23, 2007

Zurich Impressions

A friend of mine told me to practice cross-hatching to improve the shadows and highlights of my drawings. I´ve never done that before so don´t expect too much. I did some cross-hatch-doodling of the things which came to my mind when I thought of Zurich. As you can see, I soon lost my patience and filled the space with text.

Zurich Impressions

If you are wondering whether I met a vampire or a wolf: No, I didn´t!
Was I tied up with ropes? I´ll have to disappoint you again.
But I did spend 3 very interesting days and nights in this city and even if I won´t reveal any details (except if you guess the right thing) I can only recommend you to visit this beautiful city in Switzerland.


caseytoussaint said...

Your work is so interesting lately - I look forward to visiting yourblog.

ksklein said...

That´s excactly what my husband said after having a look at the image: "Interesting!"
(You´d think he didn´t spend the 3 days in Zurich with me. Well, he did... at least most of the time ;) )

Thanks for the encouraging comment. I´m always a bit too careful what I´m blogging about... too many readers who couldn´t handle certain stuff! ;)

littlemithi said...

Thanks for sharing the recent stuff. I especially like this one with picture/words in all directions combo. Be more adventurous with what you post - we love it!

Mommy Bee said...

I love this. The characters seem to convey a story individually, yet you have weaved them in and out of each other. Your perceptions and impressions were very interesting to read, as well. Thank you for sharing this journey in such a beautiful and personal way.


imwithsully said...

I agree with littlemithi about being more adventurous. Your work has great potential. I can see your style coming through. I especially like the word that help create the texture of this piece. Don't be afraid to take risks. Most people that post on illustration Friday have a signature style that we see week after week. I choose to experiment with different styles and mediums to broaden my range and skill set. good work!