Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kabuki, A Comic Book Series by David Mack (ATC)

"Perhaps creating keeps you young. There is no time when you are in the creating space. The more of this world’s time that you spend there, the less you age." (Kabuki: The Alchemy #4)

David Mack

"Don’t sacrifice your dreams for the illusion of security. There is no security. Realize there is no security and become comfortable with that. It will free you up to do what you really need to do." (Kabuki: The Alchemy #4)

I´m really into comic books. Specially those with beautiful (often dark) artwork or those with great content.
KABUKI is a comic book series by artist and writer David Mack, first published in 1994 by Caliber Press and later by Image Comics. The series concerns an assassin belonging to a special, government-backed circle of masked and costumed female enforcers called the Noh in near-future Japan and her struggle for her identity.
So far I have only had a short glance into the series, but the artwork is great and the content too. So I´m planning on getting the whole series.

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Another stunner - you are so talented