Friday, April 6, 2007

My friend S.

Last Saturday (March 31) my best friend from school died. Due to our holidays I received the message pretty late and also missed her funeral - which made things even worse.
I knew that she wasn´t feeling well and since at least one year we have both been trying to meet each other. Unfortunately that didn´t work out. I´m just glad that at least we had managed to refresh our email contact again.


Actually we became friends pretty late. It was on one of our last school trips. We visited Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. By chance we ended up staying in one room together. Only then, at the end of our school time did I get to know her.
This one week we stayed in Prague was wonderful and we became really good friends. Somehow I had the feeling that each of us had had a very good influence on the other one during that time. While I helped her out with little stuff, she was a wonderful supporter when I needed it.
I remember that she used to watch me in the morning in the bathroom, when I applied mascara. I offered her to try it out and after short hesitation she gladly borrowed it every morning.
When I went to get my first tattoo in a little czech tattoo parlor she accompanied me. And I really was afraid as the lady before me was screaming and crying while having her tattoo done. But S. held my hand and told me not to worry and that I would be strong enough to handle the pain. She was right and while getting the tattoo done she was standing in the other room, looking over the partition with a big smile. And I smiled back and the pain was quite bearable.
These few days in Prague let us know and like each other pretty well.

Soon school was over and we didn´t see us very often. We exchanged emails from time to time and so stayed in contact. Whenever I got news from her she surprised me somehow. She was full of energy and always smiling. I loved being around her and it surely never was long enough. Her laughing used to be contagious.

When I got married we had a small ceremony at the town hall and when we came out of the building S. and another friend were standing there throwing flower petals at us. What a wonderful surprise! We had only invited few people and I was so happy to see my friends there. I´m glad I managed to convince them to join the party.

I don´t really have any words for my sorrow and I know I could have tried harder to meet her. I just wish that she had sensed how much I liked her. Maybe she knows. I do hope so.


Africantapestry said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Treasure the memories you have of her, that is a big tribute to her.
My best

caseytoussaint said...

It's always such a shock to lose someone like that. You've written about it beautifully here, and shared your experience with all of us.

Allotment Lady said...

It was so wonderful reading about your wonderful memories and whilst I can empathise with how incredibly sad you are feeling - I am so pleased that you had a long friendship and some wonderful memories to treasue.

Whenever I have lost someone - they have remained with me forever - and I talk of them often, with joy now.

Allotment Lady

Allotment Lady said...

I have been looking at your stunning ATC's and I am so glad that you are regaining your creativity again.

I don't have many artistic bones in my body - it doesn't come naturally to me, but I am enjoying 'playing' and hope to get better as I go along.

I would love to take you up on your offer of some ATCs - and would gladly send you some things in return.

I couldn't find an email address for you - so hope you don't mind my mentioning it on here.

Would you like me add you blog to my links - you are bound to get lots of visitors from it - (if that is what you would like) but if not, I will just keep popping back to see you often if I may. I am already being inspired by your works.

A Happy Easter to you and your family - and I hope that you get some nice weather so that you can get out and about to enjoy the break.


Thank you for mentioned the problem with the link - I will check it out and see what has gone wrong!

ksklein said...

The strange thing is, that I have strated talking with her - now that she`s gone.

bec said...

For some reason I wondered back to your blog to view "the dead" video again and for the first time read your post about your friend S. I'm stunned at the parallels... My best friend, for the 2 years I spent at E-town college, died on March 31 also. Unfortunately we had lose touch with each other and I heard about her death when someone from my church light a candle in her memory at a service... I didn't even know she was ill--she died of cancer. I last spoke with her on the phone about 4 years ago. We sent Christmas card now and then. She has 2 children a boy just graduated from college and a girl who is graduating from high school this year... I met them as babies but havent seen them since. I'ts just so sad and I feel so terrible for her husband and family.
Interesting how your blog attracted me.

ksklein said...

Thanks everybody for your wonderful comments. I´m feeling way better now, as some time has passed. I just feel bad for her parents. They are wonderful people and I wouldn´t know how to handle it if my child would die.

@bec - There are a lot of parallels. My friend died of cancer too. She had a very rare form of it (only 14 cases were known in the States). So here in Germany they didn´t have a clue what to do. :(
I also spoke to her about 5 years ago for the last time.
At least I knew that she was sick and at least we tried to meet each other - even if we didn´t manage to really do it. I´m just glad that I had contact to her again through emails.
Hope you´ll feel better soon.