Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Portrait Partners Needed Badly! Puleeez!

For a while I have been practicing portraits. I actually started this with the help of the wonderful group The Portrait Party. The person who started this group is Rama Hughes, a phantastic illustrator. Besides Tommy Kane, he´s my favorite illustrator. He gets a lot of requests for portrait exchanges, but hasn´t got the chance to do all of them besides his job. So he started a contest. The person who brings the most new partners into the group in August will have the chance to exchange portraits with him.
I really do want to exchange portraits with him badly, as I admire his art. So please help me win this contest. I´ll exchange portraits with anyone. I don´t need great artists, I just need YOU to draw my portrait and I´ll draw yours. (I really don´t care about the level or skill you have, I wouldn´t even mind a stickman. Stickwoman would be better though! ;) )

Take your courage and send me a pic of yours. Please!

Thanks for the messages you all sent me. I´ll be doing some portraits exchanges this month with:
Roy Mosby (portrait already posted)
Damian Weighill (portrait already posted)
Karen Sands (portrait already posted)
Carol Huddleston (portrait already posted)
Martin Franco (portrait already posted)
Arindam Goon
Helen Waters

And next month with:
Miriam Stella - second try ;)


Mim said...

ooh, I see me in your moo cards, what a treat.
i'll do a portrait again with you if you want. I have some better pictures, and have loosened up a bit with my style. Just let me know - I think it's going to be a tie between you and Ms.Bite

Kerstin Klein said...

Mim, I wasn´t very satisfied with the portrait i did of you at first, but now i really like it. it´s one of my favs. and only my fav pics made it to a moo card. ;)
there is not going to be a tie. i guess the winner of the contest is already made out. i just don´t have the time for doing so many portraits as jeanette.and for the contest i need new partners.

anyway, i would love to do another one with you. send me your pics and i´ll let you know when i get it done. (i guess in september). hmmm... i´ll have to try another style so that you won´t have two similar portraits. or you want me to choose a theme for the portrait (like halloween, romantic mim, costume mim, punk mim, *lol). any ideas?

Mim said...

Punk Mim sounds great! I'll send you one. You're right about it having to be new partners - oh well. I do want to do yours again, I can see how tight I was with the first one. You can send me another picture or I'll use "sad glasses" if you want.

Kerstin Klein said...

i knew there was a little punk in you. ;) can i interpret the topic freely?
well, use any pic you want. the same would be fine too... just do what you feel like. you can also find pics of me in my flickr family set.

Karen Sandstrom said...

I'm in! I emailed you my dorky picture. Send me one back. I love doing portraits.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice comment.
I'm not doing portraits and exchanging is nothing for me thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment, I think I could try a portrait exchange! do you have a photo etc. for reference?

Kerstin Klein said...

Hi Helen, I need your email address.

Crumpled Paperbirds said...

I'd join in:]
My email: roundedge@email.cz
Send me your pic, Kerstin.
My Blog:redbeadsroom.blogspot.com
Looking forward to it:)


Kerstin Klein said...

Thanks everybody. The competition is over and I almost made it. I had a lot of fun. So I´ll still be doing some more portraits in my spare time. :)