Monday, November 15, 2010

Rainbow Cake

The past few months haven´t been that much fun and I wasn´t well enough (due to a pneumonia and a bronchitis) to celebrate the kids´ birthday parties properly. So now that I am felling better I thought I should make up with a colorful cake. They wanted to have a rainbow cake and that ´s what I made.

Coloring the batter:
The batter dropped into the cake pans:
The baked cake...
... with the frosting and the candles.
And the fabulous and colorful inside of the cake:
We had fun eating the cake, even when most of our family didn´t really enjoy this "unhealthy" treat. It is just not common here in Germany to eat such bright and colored stuff.  But the cake tasted great and my kids and I liked it. I followed these instructions and used them on this recipe.


Mim said...

oh i LOVE the idea and the wonderful visual. I'll do that for a party for my nephews someday soon, they'd adore it

Kerstin Klein said...

My kids loved it too. But the rest of the family was very cautious. :)
Next year I´ll make a Red Velvet Cake. Can´t wait. :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi, I stumbled onto your blog today and I have to say that cake looks amazing. I'd want a piece.

Kerstin Klein said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I guess, I´ll have to bake another one. :)

steven said...

you are so right about people here in germany not being used to eating "colorful" stuff, same goes for the general "fashion" and clothing :) the cake looks just marvelous, i am definetely trying it out. have you got any hints on the food dyes you are using?

Kerstin Klein said...

Thanks Steven. :) I ordered the coloring from Don´t buy the pink. It didn´t really show, but all the other colors are great.

Tracey said...

This looks so awesome! How creative are you!? I am SO making this. Thanks!

Kerstin Klein said...

Hi Tracey, sorry about your comment. Somehow it was filed as a spam comment and I only discovered it today. So did you make the cake?

Violet said...

it is the crazy hippy cake-cousin of the checkerboard cake!
i am very impressed. so pretty

Zakiah Labibah said...

WOW. I like it :) so cute

Kerstin Klein said...

Thanks Violet and Zakiah. :)