Monday, October 4, 2010

Second Addition to Joyce´s Moly_x_20

This is my second contribution to Joyce´ moleskine* for the moleskine exchange group 20
Joyce´ Moly_x_20
Joyce´ Moly_x_20
It took me ages to get started with this one. I had stopped with the moly_x exchanges for a while, as I was frustrated about all the lost molys and all the demotivated group members. But we are back on track and slowly starting again. 
Joyce´ Moly_x_20
Marty (the founder of moly_x) has been doing some reorganizing of the groups and it seems the groups are starting with new power. Great! Thanks Marty!

More information about the Moly_X International Moleskine Exchange can be found here.

*Check out Joyce´s art. Her photorealistic drawings are incredible.


Momo Luna said...

It looks wonderful!

Kerstin Klein said...

Thanks Momo. That was a quick comment. I just uploaded the pics. :)