Monday, August 9, 2010

Moleskine Daily Planner 2011

My Moleskine daily planner 2011 did arrive just in time. So I could take it along to Paris. I even asked someone (Thanks Yves!) to translate a few sentences for me, so that I could get some French submissions for my next project. But I have to admit, that I didn´t dare to ask anybody. I guess I´ll have to practice talking with strangers... hopefully soon. Paris was great and I will report about it later.
Thanks to moo I took some wonderful minicards with me to Paris. There is information about the project on the back of the card. I left them all over Paris, so hopefully someone will send me a message.

Afraid in Paris:

Afraid on the plane:

My sister, afraid on the RER (train to Paris city):

I had fun leaving the cards all around Paris, watching my sister shake her head at me. :) Maybe one day you´ll also find a minicard.


yves said...

It was a pleasure (the translations).
The cards are looking great.
Will there be two "Fear/Angst/Peur..."-projects? If I understood you correctly the submissions inside the Daily Planner will have to be written or drawn by the person submitting them. Or will you write and draw all submissions coming through Internet or Snail Mail?

Momo Luna said...

I like the idea of this project a lot.
So... you are afraid of talking to strangers? ;-)

I'll submit something also (soon)

Sweet greetz!

Kerstin Klein said...

Not afraid, just shy, but that will have to change. ;)

Anyway... would be great if you submit something and if you have the time something for the project red would be great. I have to catch up with the submissions after the holidays. :)