Monday, September 21, 2009

Tribute To Edward Gorey (Moly_x_6)

Tribute to Gorey Moly_X_6 (2)

Tribute to Gorey Moly_X_6 (2)

I finally managed to scan this little moly with my illustration. It took me several days to get it right, as I´ve only got a small A4 scanner. The images have to be joined to one whole picture in Photoshop. And somehow this one wasn´t easy to join. The more I see of Edward Gorey´s art and writings the more I am hooked. There is always something new to discover in it.

I posted the lower picture to show you David´s addition. I love how the two pictures blend into each other. You see the guy at the left? The fur collar fits perfectly into David´s bushes.

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caseytoussaint said...

Wow - that's incredible work!

ksklein said...

Thanks Casey, it took me ages to complete this one. I hope it doesn´t get lost in the mail.

Giles Timms said...

I love these <3

Giles Timms

ksklein said...

Thanks Giles. I feel honored. :) Did you draw the figures for the video yourself or were they copied?

Giles Timms said...

You're Gorey moleskine drawings are truly gorgeous - I want to see more :)

As for myself, no all the characters and props for my film I drew myself. They aren't a copy of any single character or prop from Gorey. Instead my characters and props/world are my own translation or version of a gorey inspired world. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks again, Giles