Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tribute To Edward Gorey (Moly_x_6)

Tribute to Gorey Moly_X_6

Tribute to Gorey Moly_X_6

Tribute to Gorey Moly_X_6

I finally started and completed the pages of my own moly for the
moly_x_6. I had difficulties adding my own work to the existing pages as each and every page done by the other group members is great. Honestly I thought about keeping the moly and not passing it on any more - in fear of its loss. I already lost two molys in the mail, and loosing this one would make me sad. But what the heck.... it wouldn´t be fair to keep it. So I´m sending it on to Emma - of course registered. ;)


Mim said...

oh my goodness - this is just amazing! so much work - who get's to keep it?

ksklein said...

This one is mine and I´m hopeing so badly that this one doesn´t get lost in the mail like to others did.

red-handed said...

This is really fab, Kerstin.

brokeneyeball said...

do you plan on starting a new moleskine exchange?
if you do, I'd looove to be a part of it.

ArtSparker said...

What a delightful project. And you certainly have nailed his style.

Giles Timms said...