Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jerusalem Trip (March 27)

March 27, we went to a Tallis and a Tefillin store, visited the Kottel (Wailing Wall), Shuks (Arab Markets), the Burnt House Museum and the Golden Menorah, walked through Mea Shearim and Geula, drove to Kenion Mall to get comfortable shoes for all the walking and for dinner we had the absolutely best Shawarma ever at a small shop by the road.

Kottel - Wailing Wall - Jerusalem

Kottel - Wailing Wall - Jerusalem

Kottel - Wailing Wall - Jerusalem





Mim said...

Great pictures but also a great post, with the links. Thanks - very interesting and amazing photographs.

littlemithi said...

So nice that you managed to keep a visual journal of your trip ... thanks for sharing it with us.

By the way, what's that in your mouth in the photo in the last post?

ksklein said...

:) that was long gummi bear snake or something. i enjoyed the kosher sweets in israel, as we donßt really hava this stuff here. and i just loooooove swett stuff.