Sunday, December 7, 2008

Advent, Advent (2) Wolfsmale and Tiger

Friday the next two packages went out.
Advent 2 Package
The white tiger envelope goes to Australia to Emma. Her art is wonderful and I´m glad I´m in a Moly Exchange group with her. It wasn´t easy buying moleskines and then deciding to let go of them again. ;) I´m glad I´ve got a substitute.
Dorin gets the second package. Actually he was suposed to receive it later, but another gift I ordered hasn´t yet arrive at my place. Dorin asked for Cookies with an erotic twist. Currently I don´t have a lot of time, so I sent him Kamasutra chocolate instead. Then I found his wishlist on amazon, so I could send him a book too.
Advent Dorin
Anyone wanting a gift, just comment here or at the Advent post and maybe you´ll be the lucky one next week. And please don´t forget to send your address to my email address (see my profile).


Dorin Popa said...

Oh shit, the book is on my wishlist? I had no idea. Or at least couldn't remember. So I'll worship it even more.

Kerstin Klein said...

*lol I´m sure that I´ve got more than 200 books on my wishlist and don´t know the titles either.
But you should delete it now from the list, so you won´t get it a second time.