Monday, October 15, 2007

Creative Blogger Award And Pill Of The Week

This week is starting out great. Two surprises waiting for me in my inbox and on the net.
I received the creative blogger award by Mim and the Pill of the week on Illustration Friday Night for this illustration. Way cool! Thanks for the award and the pill. They made my week! :)

Here are my 5 blog nominations:

Mithi's Creative Journey
She started the blog when she took time off from her career ladder as a research scientist at Cancer Research UK. She decided to reconnect to her creative side and she reports about the process of achieving this in her blog. Her life is inspirational to me, as she is leading it into the direction she wants it to be.

Diana Koehne
I really enjoy reading Diana´s blog. So many different things, pics, drawings, etc. Take a look at her post-it gallery too.

Stefan G. Bucher´s Daily Monster
It´s a fun website. Don´t miss out his weekly monster-movies.

God The Blasphemer
I´m giving the award just for the great name "my heart is made of gravy" and of course the blogs are great too. I couldn´t decide which one should be awarded, so the award goes to all of them (Prozacville).

Plastique Monkey
Yuka Yamaguchi´s artblog is one of my favorites. I like her pictures. At first glance her drawings and paintings are innocent and cute. But you should take a closer look!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You deserve the recognition.

Steve said...

Well done, and thanks for the thumbs up. Will also explore the other nominees on the list. Cheers.

littlemithi said...

Thanks SO much for the heads up Kerstein. I'm glad what I'm posting is worth reading about... sometimes I wonder if I should keep doing it!