Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Take-Away" By Artacks At STROKE.02

One project I really enjoyed watching at the STROKE.02 was "Take-Away" by artacks. I could have stayed for hours watching the artists and the kids were cool and watched an hour too. Artacks is a group of Swiss artists originally from Bern situated mainly in Basel and founded by four friends. Their project "Take-Away 2.0" is urban art made by these swiss artists and one international guest. 
Basically there is a wall with 77 boards and 11 artist work on more than one board at a time. As soon as the viewer likes one of the pics, he hits the red "Take-away"-buzzer, all artists stop working and the viewer picks out his board and pays for it. The board gets numbered, stamped, packed in boxes and handed over to the buyer. The hole in the wall is substituted with an empty white board and the artists continue their work.
It is great to see how flexible the artists are, how they collaborate with each other and how they just continue with the empty parts. So every time you pass the place where they were working on the boards you could see new and different works of art (specially because the artists work with different techniques and styles: spraying, drawing, sticking, painting, stencils, ...).
The red "Take-away"-buzzer:
STROKE.02 - Take away by artacks
STROKE.02 - Take away by artacksSTROKE.02 - Take away by artacks
Two boards were just sold:
STROKE.02 - Take away by artacks
The holes in the wall:
STROKE.02 - Take away by artacks
This lady used stencils to create her art and she never managed to work for more than 10-15 minutes on a board, because the viewers always grabbed her boards before she could "finish".
STROKE.02 - Take away by artacks
STROKE.02 - Take away by artacks
My kids (here my son) were fascinated and watched an hour. My son then decided that he wants to spray the wall of his room too.
STROKE.02 - Take away by artacks
STROKE.02 - Take away by artacks
7 boards sold at once:
STROKE.02 - Take away by artacks
The board I bought (by different artists, but mainly by SYLG):
STROKE.02 - Take away by artacks
Here is the list of the participating artists: 
Ian White Cutterskink,  SYLG (Sandro Galli & Yves Lavoyer), Mathias Schneeberger, Jens Gander & Patrick Muchenberger, Zaira & Bustart, ras le bol, Pascal Zobrist & Luca Fuchs (wallume I legenden)
Click here to  find some first impressions of «Take-Away 2.0» on their website and  watch a German tv spot by (F. Eckel) about their project in Munich.


Anonymous said...

hi and thanks for this nice review I just read by accident. Realy cool to see that poeple like our stuff!

just one thing to correct: artacks is originally from berne and founded by 4 friends (curator, artist, journalist & mike) - if you now berne people you know why I have to make this clear :)

Take Away 2.0 @ Stroke was set up with 11 swiss artists.. ok there's an international one too, Ian White Cutterskink originally from london...

thany again and maybe see you soon at the Buskers Streetfestival in Bern (august) and another episode of Take Away... or soon in Budpaest with a brand new project...


ksklein said...

Hi P., thanks for letting me know about the correction. I updated the text. And yeah, I do understand That you had to make this clear. :)

I hope you´ll be back in Munich next year. I won´t manage to get Bern or to Berlin this year.