Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Leipzig Book Fair

This Sunday, after missing the first train ;), I drove to the Leipzig book fair and I loved it. It must be every book lovers delight. There were 4 huge halls, a glass hall and a congress center. I stayed 4.5 hours, but managed to see only one hall: of course the comic hall. The fair has one section specially for the comic book and anime lovers.
Unfortunately I missed all the Cosplayers´shows, didn´t drink tea in the Japanese Garden and missed the book + art exhibition. Next year maybe more.
Here are some pics I took:

This guy was great. I´ll write more about Gabriel S.Moses later:

My treasures:
Hurting feet, but happy - waiting for the train back:
Over 10 hours in the train for just 4.5 hours at the fair? Definitely worth it! I would do it again.


Mim said...

You wore those shoes for a day at an exhibition???!!??? wow!

it's looks marvelous tho' - I need to find out more about doing comics

ksklein said...

It was really cool there. I would have needed days for the whole book fair.

BTW: Those shoes are my flattest walking shoes. ;)

Mim said...

OMG!!! those would be my dancing shoes and they'd still be off in an hour

ksklein said...

*lol Last year I had some problems with my back and the doctor told me: "No more heels". So I had to buy a pair of shoes, as I didn´t have any without heels. But I really do prefer heels with skirts, so I´m back to heels again. :)

red-handed said...

Very jealous.

ksklein said...

I felt the same: my husband spent 4 days there.