Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Just because I let my kids wear this, people look at me as if I were an Alien. But then... maybe I am.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today the Asia Filmfest started. This year I have luckily got a little more time than usual, so I talked Benjamin into giving me a festival pass for my Birthday, which lets me see all the movies from the filmfest.
So this is what we received: a package with the festival pass, the tickets for all of the shows and they let you choose a free dvd. Even though I will be only able to watch the half of the 60 movies, I was happy to hold such a treasure in my hands.
(Specially after having such a stressful day with hurrying around from one place to the other, cutting off one fingertip with a scalpel, standing in front of a closed (!!) hospital with my hand and two towels drenched in blood, finding another taxi to drive me to another hospital, having to organize a Halloween party for today, etc.)
I´m glad they showed only one movie on the opening day of the Filmfest. I´m dead tired now, and so I didn´t join the others who went to the party after the movie. I guess I missed some drinks and Tom Novy at the match club.

The film is Mr Wong's most abstract endeavor, a bold excursion into the realm of pure cinema." (New York Times)

A star-studded cast includes both Tony Leungs, Leslie Cheung and Maggie Cheung, and masterful camera work by Chris Doyle. In ancient China, a vagabond swordsman earns his living by hiring others
as assassins. His heart was long ago hardened by the betrayal of a woman, but his encounters make him reflect on his lost love. Cut together by director Wong Kar Wai from a variety of prints of the original, this is the definitive version of his rarely seen martial arts film. Digitally tweaked and tightened, ASHES OF TIME REDUX remains pure Wong - a visually bold film that centres on unrequited longing and emotional frustration, rather than the sword fights of wuxia cinema. (Melbourne International Film Festival)

Watch the trailer.

Cover Illustration

Here´s the original drawing for the book "Das Tam Tam Grand Hotel".

Cover Illustration "Das Tam Tam Grand Hotel"

After drawing the cover illustration for Markus A. Hediger´s last book, he asked me to do the next one too. Apparently he was satisfied with my work.
Here you go...

For the German readers: The book "Das Tam Tam Grand Hotel" can be ordered at amazon or at the Swiss publishing house edition taberna kritika.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Moleskine

This moly I did for someone who contacted me at flickr. He said that he really wanted to join a moleskine exchange group with me. As I have already 4 groups running and a lot of other projects going on too, I had to decline.
But I couldn´t forget his wonderful art and so we agreed on an exchange - only the two of us and without a deadline. So no pressure for this group. It took me 5 months to get the first pic drawn.
During the first scanning process a mistake occured. I like the bar code that was created.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marta´s Moly_x_24

Martha´s Moly_x_24

Martha´s Moly_x_24

Phew... I can´t believe how long it took me to get this one (for the moly_x_24) started. I think I left it lying around for almost one month before starting with the drawing.
Actually last week I decided that after waiting for inspiration to come for 3 weeks I would just point at a list of artists and get my inspiration for Marta´s Moleskine from the artist chosen. My finger showed at René Gruau. I got my inspiration by looking at his lovely ladies - often hiding behind curtains or doors.

More Molys

Last week the download of the pics from the digicam to my Mac didn´t work. Today somehow I managed to get the pics on my hard drive.

Here´s Leah´s moly "Enter the Carneval":
Leah´s Moly_x_20 "Enter the Carneval"

And Wil´s "Alphabet" moly:
Wilbur´s Moly_x_6 "Alphabet"

Friday, October 24, 2008

Red and Black

"Do this.
I did.
It made me smile.
You might too."

(seen at Same Old World. Thanks, Fern!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Letters of Your Name

A while ago I saw this moleskine page posted at ’ The letters were drawn by Kyle. Wouldn´t it be a cool idea if more bloggers would follow his idea? I did.

Letters of my name

Sunday, October 12, 2008

PostSecret - Guess which secret is mine?

Today (Sunday, 12. October 2008) another one of my secrets has been published at the PostSecret blog. I mailed my last secrets some months ago, so I was pretty surprised that it showed up today.
Can you guess which one it is? I checked all of the secrets shown today and about 10 of the 20 postcards could be mine. So I am on the safe side. ;) I´m posting some of them here and one of them is mine. Guess which one?

PS. Can´t wait to hear what you think - specially Benjamin. I´m sure he will guess the wrong one. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt

Narziss und Goldhund has been posting about some of his favorite music and there I discovered great songs and bands. I already posted about Ballroom Stories by Waldeck, which I love. The music is very sexy (listen to the songs make my day, memories or even better addicted).
He also wrote a wonderful article about Maria Callas and how her music moves him to tears. It reminded me of the music, which almost instantly brings tears to my eyes, whenever I hear it: Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt. Try listening to it when you are alone and your surrounding is quiet. Unfortunately I can´t post the video Art of contortion on Spiegel im Spiegel here, but check it out on
I hope to discover some more good tunes at Narziss und Goldhund. He has got quite a good music taste - well maybe except for the Coconuts. *lol - Sorry, I just couldn´t resist! ;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Leah's moly "Enter the Carneval"

Another Moleskine completed for the moly_x_20 group of the International Moleskine Exchange group.

Leah´s "Enter the Carneval" moly

When I hear Carneval, I immediately think of the Carneval at Venice. About 12 years ago I drove all night with the bus to Italy to spend the day there during carneval season and taking the same bus back home to Germany that evening. I loved it.
I actually wanted to draw the masks full white, but can you imagine that I haven´t got a white!!! I checked out the tons of colors my kids have and they also don´t have a white. But I like it like this too.

I took a picture of the complete moly too, but somehow my Mac doesn´t recognize my camera any more. So I can´t download the pics. I´m not sure why. I haven´t had that before. Any ideas?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Will Freeborn's ABC moly

The past weeks have been busy day and night. This week I´m having a short break and then the next few weeks will be crazy again. Tonight I took the chance to complete my pictures in Wil´s Alphabet Moleskine for the moly_x_6 group of the International Moleskine Exchange group. I had fun with it.
I chose these 4 letters: E(mily), I(guana), O(ktoberfest) and T(Antin). I pondered a long time about the kind of pictures I could draw. I couldn´t decide between comic characters, typical German pictures or animals, so I mixed them all up.

I´m a huge comic fan, but I have never read any Emily the Strange comic. Can you believe that???? I almost can´t. Still I love this little character.

I enjoy drawing reptiles and insects, so this Iguana is one of them. He is watching closely over the fantastic head wound. (I have to admit that for one second I was wondering if anybody would notice, if I cut out that page and keep it for myself. ;) Hey David, in case you ever have some spare time we could exchange a little drawing. It isn´t nice to have your moly art in my hands and having to pass it on without every having the chance of keeping it.)

The Oktoberfest just ended this weekend and suddenly the US tourists have decreased in numbers significantly. Every year there is a special logo which is printed on the Steins, T-Shirts, bags, etc. This is it:

Tintin is my childhood comic hero. We had each and every issue of the comic. When we came back to Germany I noticed that the characters are called "Tim und Struppi" here. Haven´t got used to it yet.